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At MNP / Suntory we are real trendsetters. Flexible and versatile professionals with a mission and foresight at both product & market levels. 

Take a look at what we’ve created! These are the innovative and outstanding brands we have developed through our extensive experience in breeding, selecting, marketing and licensing of superior quality indoor & outdoor plants. From the 90’s till today, we are “the plant pioneers'' within the European floricultural market. With our “house of brands” we create new markets from amazing breedings, bred with the most innovative technologies for a more colourful world! 

We can mention our multiannual Petunias' amazing success with Surfinia®, or our milestones gained with Sundaville®, the number 1 Mandevilla (dipladenia) brand born in 2002. But our collection of brands is composed also by Lofos® Lophospermum’s, Princettia® (compact, pink and snow white) Poinsettias, Grandaisy® (fast-growing and big flowered) Argyranthemum’s, Senetti® (compact and unique coloured) Pericallis and Beedance® (compact and bee-attracting) Bidens among others. But you must discover them yourself, so click on all the logos below to start your journey and enjoy!