Senetti | Pericallis (Senecio) | Spring Garden Colours



Our mission is the fundamental reason for the Senetti brand to exist, and guides and inspires our organization. Together with the mission and vision from MNP / Suntory we came to a relevant mission and vision for the Senetti brand of its own.

‘To create harmony with people and nature. Growing for good. The bigger we are, the greater our positive impact can be. We will grow to become a company that always benefits its community. By doing good things for society and the environment, we will help make a better, brighter future.’ (Suntory)

‘To contribute on creating a beautiful and healthy environment for people, flora and fauna to flourish. Quality is the key. We want to grow and give people plants with value for money. We want to innovate and improve our products but also each individual by learning and being challenged every day.’ (MNP / Suntory)

‘Creating a wider choice of quality and colourful flowers for every consumer in the early spring season.’

‘With Senetti® we want to bring more colour and variation to the early spring gardens of Europe. We want people to experience that summer feeling even before it has actually begon.’



Senetti® is a brand and registered trademark of Pericallis x hybrida, bred by the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd. ‘

Senetti is an official registered worldwide trademark by the World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO) office (no. 993575) since 12th October 2008. That’s why you will always see the official trademark sign behind the logo.’

An irresistible magnet to spring colour enthusiasts!


Seville Style

Senetti has unique and powerful colored flowers with a shape that reminds you of the sun. They remind you of the beautiful weather of southern countries like Spain. Sevilla is the cultural capital of Spain, located in the south. This is exactly what Senetti needs to represent: Colourful flowers that remind you of the beautiful weather in southern Spain.

Colour Significance

The colours that represent the brand identity of Senetti are not randomly chosen. The Terracotta and Sandy Brown can be found in the beautiful ancient buildings of Sevilla and throughout the city. The colour choice of Turquoise, Sea Green and Royal Blue are also connected with Sevilla. Iconic for Sevilla, are the beautiful mosaic patterns that can be found throughout the city. To finish it of, there is Morocco Brown to make other colours fade away or stand out. All the chosen colours combined represent everything what Sevilla stands for and create a southern Spain vibe onto Senetti.

Senetti On The Store Shelf

Besides Senetti lends itself perfectly for use in an early spring action, the plant is also perfect for the shop floor. Ideal to roll out after a happy spring action. Senetti is available with a complete package of happy POS materials. Senetti can be delivered in a special SmartCup®. This watertight outer pot gives the plant an extra happy appearance and it keeps the shop floor clean from dirt. This SmartCup® fits perfectly into the specially developed store displays. Handy! With Senetti every plant shelf will get a special and happy note.

Official Labels

Many have tried and are still trying, but none have managed to copy the appearance and perfect qualities of Senetti. We are very proud of our achievements, and since there can only be one true Senetti, we have produced a certificate of authenticity. Always buy the one and only Senetti, the #1 Pericallis (Senecio) on the market. The official Senetti brand labels are specially designed labels that tell the complete story of the Senetti brand and its special characteristics. These days consumers want more! They want a special design, more background information, more feeling (experience) with the product and most importantly, help to create a sea of flowers in their garden and long-lasting life for their money. All the above things add extra value to the plant (brand) and will be achieved by using official brand labels. By using branded labels, plants are visible and recognizable on store floors. They give more information and tell a clearer story about the good and different characteristics of the species in comparison to its competitor. This way consumers will come back to the store and hopefully re-buy the same brand, our brand! In the end, more plants are sold and everybody in the (supply) chain will benefit.

Why We Do It

We will not be keeping these designs and this new information to ourselves. Instead, we want to share them with all our partners which means our customers (licensees, growers, garden centres, etc.) can profit equally. The goal is not only to sell more plants but also to keep costs low, make a better and more reliable impression on the end consumer and stay ahead of the competition.

MNP / Suntory logo

MNP / Suntory from the Netherlands is the company behind this successful brand. At this “house of brands” in Leimuiderbrug is where the magic happens: powerful brands are created after extensive tests and accurate selections of the highest quality genetics of indoor & outdoor plants coming from Suntory Flowers Ltd. (breeder) in Japan. MNP / Suntory gives custody for production of our products to carefully selected growers (propagators) in Europe, which we call our licensees; meanwhile, innovative stories are written. For this reason, we are the plant pioneers! “Pioneers & trendsetters in breeding, selecting, marketing and licensing of innovative and superior quality (bedding) plants.”

To experience what characterises our unique products, you cannot miss a single one of “the plant pioneers” brands, click on the logos to discover them!